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Finders Keepers: Introducing Trace ‘n Chase’s Mystery Box!

Finders Keepers: Introducing Trace ‘n Chase's Mystery Box!

Sports card enthusiasts! We are excited to announce that our eshop is now stocked with an incredible new product that will set your hearts racing…!
Get ready to discover the thrill of the chase with Trace ‘n Chase’s brand new release, the “Finders Keepers” Mystery Box!

Available now at tracenchase.com/finders-keepers/ 

Finders Keepers Basketball Silver Edition #1🏀⚡️
Finders Keepers Soccer Silver Edition #1⚽️⚡️

Finders Keepers: Introducing Trace ‘n Chase's Mystery Box!

📦 What’s Inside? 📦
This mystery box is jam-packed with surprises, featuring an assortment of autographs, rookie cards and unique inserts. The Trace ‘n Chase team has handpicked a fantastic collection to make sure every box holds a treasure trove encapsulated in a single card that will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

🏀⚽️Find Your Favorite Sports! 🏀⚽️
Whether you are a die-hard soccer or basketball fan, we’ve got you covered. The “Finders Keepers” Mystery Box gives you the chance to dive into the world of trading cards and experience the excitement of discovering valuable cards from your favorite sports!

💎 Uncover Gems! 💎
The Trace ‘n Chase team has gone the extra mile to curate a collection that will leave you amazed. Within these mystery boxes, you’ll have the opportunity to unearth hidden gems, such as rare autographs from beloved players, limited edition patches and rookie cards that could be future superstars. With each box, you’ll feel the anticipation build as you uncover each card, never knowing what surprises await!

Finders Keepers: Introducing Trace ‘n Chase's Mystery Box!

🤩 For Hobby Enthusiasts and Collectors Alike! 🤩
Whether you are an experienced collector or new to the hobby, “Finders Keepers” is designed to cater to all enthusiasts. It’s a fantastic opportunity for seasoned collectors to add some extraordinary cards to their prized collections. At the same time, beginners can dive into the world of trading cards and experience the thrill of opening packs and discovering hidden treasures!

🎁 A Perfect Gift! 🎁
Looking for an incredible gift for a fellow sports enthusiast? The “Finders Keepers” Mystery Box is an excellent choice! It’s a present that keeps on giving, with the excitement of uncovering remarkable cards that will leave them cheering. Birthdays, holidays, or just a surprise gift to bring a smile to someone’s face, this mystery box is sure to deliver!

🚀 Get Ready to Chase Your Dreams! 🚀
This is your chance to embark on an unforgettable card-collecting journey, fueled by excitement, anticipation, and the joy of discovering hidden treasures.

Keep an eye on our shop for future releases, as these mystery boxes will be in high demand. Be sure to follow us closely for updates and secure your chance to snag a “Finders Keepers” Mystery Box for yourself or as a gift. Get ready to chase your dreams and let the hunt begin!

📢 Stay tuned for more updates and happy collecting! 📢

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