Hoops Haven: Youth teams of Iraklis B.C. get an educational session at Trace ‘n Chase!

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Trace ‘n Chase recently opened its gates to the youth teams of Iraklis B.C., hosting some talented and passionate youngsters in another learning experience about the hobby of collecting sports cards!

EE711739 0362 4F70 A28F 0641141240BDThe young fans were excited to browse the shop’s collection of unique sports cards and sports memorabilia in a vibrant atmosphere with walls adorned with framed signed jerseys and basketball cards from the biggest stars of NBA!
The teams were given a thorough tour of the shop by our PR Manager Antonis Moumoglou, getting a detailed introduction about the hobby of collecting sports cards and the fun world of sports memorabilia.

All boys received the 2022 Panini NBA Champions Golden State Warriors Team Set, as well as a 2021-22 Panini Chronicles Basketball Hanger Pack and left the premises with some extra motivation to continue working hard in order to make it to the highest level!


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