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Super Bowl LVII Preview by Drew🏈

Super Bowl LVII Preview by Drew🏈

Editor’s note: Back by popular demand, Drew is back with this year’s preview of the Super Bowl which features two of the best teams in the NFL this year, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs!

First things first, for me personally, today is the saddest-happiest week of the year. Happiest because it’s the Super Bowl week, by far the biggest event in American sports, and saddest cause it will ring the football season’s end bell, followed by a long 6 months of drought…(thank god we still get NFL products by Panini America!)

On top of that a bitter-sweet taste, I am also writing this article under the heavy shadow of the retirement (for good?) of the G.O.A.T. of the NFL, Tom Brady. The upcoming football season will be the 1st in my (short) NFL-watching career that the notorious number 12 will be missing from the Red Zone broadcasts on Sundays (and my fantasy lineups as well lol).

But let’s cut into the chase, there is really one question that all my new-in-NFL friends ask me this time of the year…Why is it called Super Bowl and not Super Ball? The answer is really dumb but we have to go back in time, more than 50 years ago, when Lamar Hunt, owner of the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, inadvertently coined the term “Super Bowl” at a committee meeting. Later, he revealed that he had thought of the name while watching his children play with the Wham-O toy “Super Ball“…go figure…

Super Bowl LVII…

The location

The game will be played at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona. That’s the closest to a Super Bowl, a fan of the Cardinals can be…(apologies for the dad joke)

The time

 1.30 a.m. Greek time, 00.30 a.m. German time, 23.30 p.m. UK time

The halftime show

It’s official guys, Rihanna is back after a 5-year absence from public performance. Also, forget the Pepsi Half time show, Apple Music is taking over as the primary sponsor!

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This is the first Super Bowl to feature two African American starting QBs, that’s so crazy if you think that there have been already 57 Super Bowls…

The game

The NFC Champions Philadelphia Eagles are facing the AFC Champs, Kansas City Chiefs. I am not going to hide my feelings here. I hate the Eagles, I hate them since the absolutely flawless game of Nick Foles at SB LII against my New England Patriots, BUT I have to try and be objective here. In my eyes, they look like the better team. Since September they have been dominating the league, being the number one overall all season long and showing some tremendous consistency with Jalen Hurts leading the way. They are a different team without him and it was obvious during his late-season absence. On the other hand, Mahomes and the Chiefs didn’t look like Superbowl material until towards the midseason.

-Pause-, the MVP award was just announced.. and it was Patrick Mahomes the II who took home the trophy this year and in my eyes, it was a big surprise! Jalen Hurts was the clear cut favorite and led his team to the SB..sigh..What else should a QB do to win the MVP??

Still, Andy Reid will always be Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes will always be Patrick Mahomes. Everything came together just in time for the playoffs and the Chiefs are Vegas’ betting favorite to win the Lombardy trophy.

Trace ‘n Chase predictions

Ioannis: I am waiting for a close game with the scoring around 20-25 points and my pick is Mahomes and the Chiefs!

Dimitris: Fly Eagles Fly!! My Eagles are the better team all season long. Easy win!

Drew: I hate myself for stating that, but the Eagles are going to dominate the game, winning with at least one touchdown difference!!

Dio: Blowout win for the Chiefs, the complete revenge game for Andy Reid, end of story.

Pepe: Mahomes is the better QB, Reid is the better Coach, Kelce is the GOAT TE, Chiefs are the LVII Super Bowl winners!


Thank you for reading this year’s SB preview and make sure you chat with me on Twitter tonight with #tracenchaseSB as we hopefully get to enjoy a great game!

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