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“The Show” with George Aivazoglou, Head of Fan Engagement & DTC in Europe & Middle East for the NBA

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The NBA Finals are here and we are excited to host George Aivazoglou, the Head of Fan Engagement & DTC in Europe & Middle East for the NBA who talks to Vassilis Skountis about Adam Silver, the globalization of basketball, Black Lives Matter, the NBA expansion, the potential of an NBA game taking place in Greece, the NBA Store in Paris, Junior NBA and much more in another episode of “The Show”.

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Aivazoglou, an accomplished digital media executive with 15 years of experience in the entertainment and telecommunications industries, is based in the league’s London office and has been in charge 0f unifying all fan touchpoints across EME, including grassroots events, localized marketing, content and communications, with a focus on the region’s direct-to-consumer efforts. Previously, he served as Vice President of Marketing and Analytics for Eurosport, where he led all brand, subscriber acquisition, retention and insight efforts across linear and digital platforms globally.  Prior to Eurosport, Aivazolgou was Chief Marketing Officer at ezbob, a leading U.K.-based fintech start-up, and previously held leadership roles at Sky and T-Mobile International. A native of Thessaloniki, Greece, he holds a master’s degree in marketing from Athens University of Economics and Business and a bachelor’s degree in international business and economics from the University of Macedonia.

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