Trace ‘N Chase becomes an official supporter of the UniqueAll initiative

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Trace ‘N Chase is happy to announce that we are an official supporter of the UniqueAll initiative, aimed at raising awareness for Autism through two independent programs at the school environment level and at sports academies.

Beginning on April 2nd, the World Autism Awareness Day, part of the proceeds from each card purchase through Trace ‘n Chase up to 20,000€ will be automatically donated to the Sports Inclusion program developed by UniqueAll.

The program is focused in 3 main areas:

  • Understanding and promoting internal and mental strengths through sports.
  • Promoting fun, joy of participation, love and mutual respect, regardless of any age, gender, race or health status.
  • Interacting with the participating kids in joint training sessions, while developing the communication through words and through movements that “speak” on their own.

The first cycle of implementation will run from March and until June of 2022 with a focus on the formation of academies for children in the Autism Spectrum and an annual sports and educational program inclusive with sport academies, regardless of special abilities, disabilities, nationality or religion.
With the completion of the program in June, an open event will be organized for the public, with the participation of the athletes of the Inclusive Sport Academy. The event will have a festive character where the effort of all participants (athletes in the autism spectrum, typical children participating at the co-trainings and volunteers) will be rewarded, while the program scholarships will be announced.

The purpose of the event will be a great occasion for the raising of the general publics awareness, the promotion of positive models and perceptions towards the acceptance of diversity.

Thank you to the hobby community for supporting such a wonderful initiative!

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