Trace ‘N Chase empowers the support of the UniquAll initiative aimed at raising awareness for Autism 

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791B97BC C287 4000 9EB5 55E3B52918B4The activities of UniquAll , a one-of-a-kind Sports Inclusion Program, continue and the first co-training of typical children and children in the Autism Spectrum took place recently! “AONS Milon”, a historical sports club of Nea Smyrni, was the first basketball academy that responded to the call of UniquAll showing the way for diversity in sports, as it hosts boys and girls from many different countries, with different social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

The interaction was a unique experience for the children, the coaches, the volunteers, but also the parents, while the kids also received and enjoyed repacks of basketball #sportscards from Panini America!

Trace ‘N Chase is a proud supporter of the UniquAll initiative, aimed at raising awareness for Autism

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