Trace ‘N Chase hosts Thuella Feron, the northernmost sports club in Greece

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We aim to introduce the hobby to all the corners of the planet so we were really excited to recently host the basketball academy of Thuella Feron, the northernmost sports club in Greece located at the borders of Greece and Turkey!

1Thyella Feron participates in the EKASAMATH (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace) association and only competes with native players who were born in Feres. These are neither students nor military personnel, just like like Bilbao B.C. that participates in the Spanish Leagues only with Basque players! The most important moments in the history of Thyella Feron were the back-to-back appearances in the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace cup finals, wining the title in 2007-08 and making it to the Finals the next year. The Feres Indoor Gymnasium was built in 1994 and has a capacity of 400 people, hosting over half the kids in the area in the boys and girls basketball  and volleyball academies!


The boys and girls of the academy learned about #thehobby of collecting sports cards and expressed their admiration about the past and present stars of the NBA in a visit that tooke place at our venue.


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