Trace ‘n Chase sponsors Konstantinos’ Make-A-Wish dream to attend an NBA Game, with sports card gifts provided by Panini!

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Trace ‘n Chase, Europe’s top Sports Cards and Memorabilia Agency, was ecstatic to help fulfill the wish of 17-year-old Konstantinos who dreamed of attending an NBA game in person!

Follow his journey at the Paris Game 2023 as he experiences the thrill and excitement of attending his first live basketball game!

As the Covid restrictions and lockdowns had shut down the airplane doors for all children and adults the last couple years, Konstantinos, an avid basketball fan, had to patiently wait for his opponent to attend an NBA game live in person.
The NBA Europe Game is organized once a year in a European country with NBA teams taking part and many well-known basketball players being present. The timing was amazing and as soon as the doctors gave us the long-awaited “Green Light” for travel, it was time for Konstantinos to pack his suitcase. He would leave for Paris!
26F401DA 5ABA 4ACD B2ED 879EE0D06FB3Little did he know, however, that on the day of his departure a big surprise awaited him. The whole time he was waiting, he wondered why he hadn’t received the game tickets, until he arrived at the airport… without the tickets! Entering the airport, he saw Efthimis Rentzias, NBA ambassador in Europe, in front of him and the meeting indeed was not accidental! The former international basketball player would not go on a trip but he was there for Konstantinos, patiently holding his tickets in his hands. It was not, of course, the first time the two had met. Konstantinos had met him again, many years ago. They sat together and talked about basketball as if they were carrying on the conversation from before.
And the big day arrived! The game was between the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. The 9EB7FE80 8700 4D71 BFBE 450E582D4FB4lucky teenager had the opportunity to witness some of the best basketball players in the world live in the beautiful city of Paris, and create memories that will last a lifetime, all while enjoying sports card gifts, courtesy of Panini America! The National Basketball Association meanwhile, was even more generous, giving Konstantinos a custom-made jersey with his last name on it and arranging for him to chat and take pictures with former NBAer Joakim Noah who was also in attendance! What a day!

We are committed to making dreams come true and providing unforgettable experiences to young sports enthusiasts, and with the help of our partners we hope to inspire the next generation of basketball players and fans and promote the growth of the game!

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