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Upper Deck Announces All New Marvel Black Diamond® Trading Card Set

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CARLSBAD, Ca. – Upper Deck, the premier worldwide sports and entertainment collectibles company, has announced Marvel Black Diamond®, a new trading card set that unites the super-premium format of the long-established Black Diamond® brand with Marvel Studios’ phenomenal Infinity Saga films starting from Iron Man and culminating with Avengers: Endgame.

The 100 card Black Diamond® Base set features a variety of numbered Parallels, including a Base Set Diamond* Parallel that is numbered to five! Search for Base Set Infinity Stones Diamond* Relics Parallels, never seen before in Black Diamond®. Featuring characters from Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, each Infinity Stones Diamond* Relics Parallel card contains 6 colored diamonds*, each corresponding to an Infinity Stone!

We’ve seen an incredible demand for these golf cards since we announced them last fall and are excited that fans will be able to add them to their collections,” said Upper Deck’s Sports Brand Manager, Paul Zickler. “In addition to the legends included in Artifacts Golf, we also have recent major championship winners and players who are ready to break through.”

Collect Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Exquisite® Collection Parallels, along with a stunning 50 card Exquisite® Collection base set. The Exquisite® Collection also features CMYK Plate Booklets, which contain all four 1-of-1 printing plates that make up one of the 50 Exquisite® Collection Base Cards.

Along with the base set comes new cards, like the new Gemography cards that combine diamonds* and actor autographs. Look for Single Patch, Puzzle Patch, and Autographed Patch Cards in our Polished Patches Cards, and Single, Dual, Triple, and Autographed Memorabilia Diamond Shards cards! Find Diamond Cutters and Diamond Facet cards, which feature designs inspired by diamonds with embedded acetate windows. Beautiful one of one Black Diamond® and Exquisite® Collection original art sketch cards are also included.

This exquisite set also features an astonishing selection of Actor Autograph Cards, including signed Exquisite® Collection Autograph Black Foil Parallels, Diamond® Base Set Red Autograph Parallels, Numbered Black Diamond® Base Set Gold Autograph Parallels, Gemography, and others. Incredible signers include Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Winston Duke, and many more!

Bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a stunning new level, Marvel Black Diamond® is a high-end, must have addition to any collection. Available now in local hobby shops!

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